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Purple Sweet Potato Recipe

Purple Sweet Potato Recipe

Purple Sweet Potato Recipe

A gut-satisfying sweet dish is typically served with meals for most people. Being able to enjoy sweet food is of great quality, and having it prepared to your specifications is the icing on the cake. The path to happiness indeed leads through your gut, and delicious food cravings come from being in an upbeat mood. You feel satisfied when you nibble on some of your favorite desserts. So let us present you with yet another dessert and sweet dish recipe that will uplift your vibes and feelings to the max.

So what is this purple sweet potato recipe?

You are all already familiar with the sweet potato and how it can be turned into golden, delicious, and soft pies. A purple sweet potato recipe is one such element of the sweet potato family that can be readily turned into a sweet delicacy. These vegetables are used to make desserts, as the name implies. From this sweet potato family, we will make one very delicious dessert.

A tasty and colorful take on the traditional mashed potato dish is provided by this recipe for baked purple sweet potatoes. One common way to savor the distinct flavour of purple sweet potatoes is to roast them. In this blog post, we’ll also include a basic sweet potato pie recipe to help you make this fluffy and delectable pie. You may find yourself unsure of the amount of ingredients and cooking times when trying these recipes at home. We’ll support you in this regard. So get ready to enjoy this delicious treat at home in a few hours.

Their striking purple skin sets purple sweet potatoes apart from regular sweet potatoes. Purple sweet potatoes are comparable to other sweet potato varieties in terms of taste and structure. When cooked, they have a smooth feel and a slightly sweet taste. Let’s first check the ingredients required, then the procedural steps of the recipe.

Ingredients required:

You can bake this vegetable or choose to make a purple sweet potato pie similar to a sweet potato pie. Additionally, try making Crispy Baked Purple Sweet Potato Fries to elevate your sweet potato fry game. In this blog, we will try the pie version of purple sweet potato. For that, the ingredients are as follows:

Purple sweet potatoes

The purple sweet potato is the primary ingredient or the dish’s essential component. Two quarts of cooled purple sweet potatoes, after boiling and mashing, are needed for this recipe.

Pie crust

To finish the recipe, you’ll need pie crust, which can be made from scratch or purchased from the store.

Granulated Sugar

There must be some kind of sweetness because this is a sweet dish. Thus, we’re going to add natural sugar here. Add three-quarters of a cup of powdered sugar.


Milk is the second ingredient in the recipe. This ingredient enhances the flavour of the entire recipe. Depending on how many sweet potatoes you use, you can add up to half a cup of milk.


Two beaten eggs must also be added to the mixture.

Additional flavours

To improve the dish’s flavour, the recipe requires condensed unsalted butter, ground cinnamon, vanilla extract, and a small pinch of salt.

Steps to make a purple sweet potato pie recipe

  • After thoroughly cleaning, boil the purple sweet potatoes until they become soft. Once cooked, mash the sweet potatoes until smooth.
  • Mashed purple sweet potatoes, sugar, eggs, milk, melted butter, ground cinnamon, vanilla extract, and salt should all be combined in a mixing bowl.
  • Blend until smooth and thoroughly mixed. Till then, preheat your oven.
  • Spread the filling evenly, and pour the sweet potato mixture into the prepared pie crust.
  • After preheating the oven, put the pie in and bake it for at least one hour, or until the crust is golden brown. After baking, take the pie out of the oven and let it cool.

Additionally, you can insert a toothpick to confirm that the filling has cooked through and set. if it extracts without destroying the filling. Congratulations! The pie is ready to be cut and served. You can also use the sweet potato pie recipe to make other types of desserts. You can go for your favorite fries, roasted or baked, whatever you like. depending on your preferences. There are several variations of this potato recipe, so feel free to create your own.


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