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Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Sweet dishes always complement your favourite food; they add that final touch to your meal and complete the essence of having your favourite platter. The cravings for desserts never go away; most of the time, they act as mood elevators during your frequent mood swing phases. So, at such times, you cannot rush to your favourite cafeterias and restaurants to cater to that craving of yours. You can now fulfil that urge of yours at home with our easy recipe.

Know what sweet potato pie is?

Mashed sweet potatoes, sugar, milk, eggs, butter, and flavours are combined to make sweet potato pie, which is then baked in a pie shell. Sweet potatoes, the primary ingredient, give the pie its unique flavour. To make the filling, the sweet potatoes are typically cooked until they are soft, crushed, and mixed with the other ingredients. You can use the dessert for your gatherings and functions to add a flavour of sweetness to your important and special occasions.

We’ll give you a straightforward sweet potato pie recipe in this blog post so you can make the ideal, fluffy, ready-to-eat orange pie. When you follow such procedures at home, you typically find it difficult to determine which ingredient mixture to use and how long to cook for. This leads to a subpar outcome from your efforts that you were hoping for. However, we are here to help you through every step of making a pie fit for a restaurant—just at home.

What ingredients are to be used for sweet potato pie?

Grab a pen if you have a hard time remembering the exact details of the cooking recipes most of the time. The ingredients are not rare; most of them you might already have in your refrigerators. So let’s see what you need to make a tasty and sugary sweet potato pie at home. Below are the listed items for all the ingredients:

  • Sweet potatoes

The main ingredient, or core ingredient, of the dish is the sweet potato, which adds a basic flavour of sweetness to it. For starters, you can take two medium-sized sweet potatoes.

  • Milk

The second-most important ingredient in the recipe is milk. The ingredient makes the mixing of further ingredients easy and adds flavour to the entire recipe. Half a cup of milk can be added as per the quantity of sweet potatoes.

  • Sugar

Being a sweet dish, a source of sweetness has to be there. So here we add natural sugar for that. You can add three-quarters of a cup of granulated sugar.

  • Eggs

Further, you need to add two beaten eggs to the mixture. This will be explained below.

  • Additional flavours: Melted unsalted butter, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg

To make the base for a delicious sweet potato pie, combine melted unsalted butter, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, and salt with an unbaked pie crust.

Steps to make sweet potato pie recipe

The main ingredients have been previously delineated. Let’s now concentrate on the mixing and baking process. It’s actually very easy to make a sweet potato pie that looks like it came out of a bakery. The steps to follow are as follows:

  • Boil the two medium-sized potatoes so that they are ready to mash. Mashing should be done properly, and boiling should be enough to make it squeezy. Sweet potatoes should be boiled until they are soft. After draining them, remove the outer layer.
  • Pour the sweet potato mixture into the pie crust. You can make your own pie crust or use one that is already made and available in stores.
  • Mix the mashed sweet potatoes, powdered sugar, milk, beaten eggs, melted butter, vanilla extract, ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon, and salt in a large mixing bowl. Once the ingredients are well combined and the mixture has a smooth consistency, stir it thoroughly.
  • With the help of a spatula, evenly distribute the sweet potato filling as you gently pour it into the prepared pie crust. After preheating the oven, place the pie inside and bake it for 40 to 50 minutes at 150°C. When the filling is set and a toothpick pushed into the centre comes out clean, the pie is ready.

Pie should be allowed to cool for at least an hour after baking before being sliced and served. Savour the flavour of your homemade sweet potato pie.


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